Founded in 2021, BLOOM LASERS SAS was created by a team of 6 experts with advanced know-how in fiber lasers, UV generation, sales and marketing, quality and reliability and volume manufacturing for industrial applications.

With mature and field-proven technologies, BLOOM develops and manufactures robust and reliable industrial grade lasers that benefit from the advantage of fiber technology: beam quality and stability, scalability, ease-of-use, ease-of-maintenance, and low cost of ownership.

Improving laser lifetime and reducing expenditures of energy is good for the environment.  Some of BLOOM’s commitments for the environment are:

  • Life-cycle analysis for extended product lifetime and refurbishing solutions
  • Numerous embedded sensors for remote preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Outstanding wall plug efficiency >10% at 343nm
  • Production site powered by solar energy
  • 100% local subcontractors

BLOOM is located in a photonics technology cluster that offers a collaborative environment and accelerates innovation in lasers for industry.  These partnerships contribute toward making BLOOM’s lasers among the most competitive in the market.


Pessac, FR

Head Quarter, Production and R&D

Talence, FR

R&D and Application Lab